Provider Trainings

Healthcare providers play a vital role in supporting people with cancer, and part of providing quality care is staying up to date on the often complex and dynamic landscape of cancer care. In our provider trainings section, we’ve listed a few online courses that can help enhance your approach to compassionate and strategic cancer care.

Primary care providers play a critical role in cancer survivorship, which can include many physical, psychological, practical, informational, and spiritual challenges. This series can help clinicians learn about caring for survivors of adult-onset cancers. 

The Cancer Survivorship E-Learning series was developed by the GW Cancer Center in collaboration with the American Cancer Society. The series includes ten modules which cover topics such as managing comorbidities, psychosocial needs, prevention, cancer-specific care strategies, and more.

Access to the training is free. To learn more or to register for the series, please visit this website here.

This Colorectal Cancer Screening training aims to increase colorectal cancer screening and to improve screening quality, with increased awareness of and adherence to current guidelines. It is accredited for 1 hour of continuing education (CE) credit.

The Colorectal Cancer Screening training series was developed by Medscape Education in collaboration with the CDC. It is a 3 module series covering topics such as the importance and timing of screening, evaluations of current screening options, implementation challenges, safety considerations, current guidelines, and more.

The training is free. To learn more or to register for the series, please visit this website here.

This comprehensive and innovative online course is the first of its kind for PCPs and other health care professionals. It is video-based, features animated demonstrations, and has three separate lessons addressing lung cancer care across the continuum.

The Lung Cancer and the Primary Care Provider training series was developed by the LuCa National Training Network. Topics include lung cancer screening, shared decision making, treatment advances, patient follow-up, and survivorship care.

The 3 module series is free and provides 2.5 hours of continuing education (CE) credits. To learn more or to register for the series, please visit this website here.

Learn more about lymphedema risk reduction practices and treatment techniques at a free education class offered by the Providence Cancer Center and the Providence Alaska Foundation. Classes are led by certified Lymphedema Therapists.

The Lymphedema Risk Reduction class is held virtually for roughly 1 hour. Class dates are spread throughout the year. Upcoming class dates include June 21, September 20, and December 20.

Registration is required to attend. To learn more or to register for a class, please visit this website here and search for “Lymphedema Risk Reduction.”

Triage Cancer's In-Service Training and Insurance & Finance Intensive Training for Healthcare Professionals

Triage Cancer is a national, nonprofit organization that provides free education on the legal and practical issues that may impact individuals diagnosed with cancer and their caregivers.

For healthcare professionals, Triage Cancer offers two trainings – their In-Service Training for Healthcare Professionals and their Insurance & Finance Intensive Training – to equip providers with the knowledge and skills necessary to support their patients outside the clinical setting.

Triage Cancer’s In-Service Training is offered in collaboration with the Cancer and Careers In-Service Program, and it is designed specifically for healthcare professionals who work with cancer patients who are facing issues around their diagnosis and employment. This comprehensive, day-long training covers important practical and legal issues through lectures, small-group work, and interactive, practical applications. The program has been praised as “a wealth of information that I can bring back to my job” and “so much info that can be very useful in everyday practice.”

To learn more or to register, please visit the training website here.

Triage Cancer’s comprehensive Insurance & Finance Intensive is a training program designed specifically for oncology healthcare professionals and advocates. Participants will learn about health and disability insurances and finances. The program improves patient and caregiver access to valuable information on how to mitigate the financial impact of a cancer diagnosis across the continuum of care.

To learn more or to register, please visit the training website here.

This series includes eight 45 minute modules, making it one of the most in-depth LGBTQ+ cultural humility trainings available specifically for healthcare providers. It is accredited for continuing education (CE) for practically any health provider.

The Welcoming Spaces training series was developed by the National LGBT Cancer Network in collaboration with the Society of Gynecologic Oncology. Topics of the series include terminology and pronouns, health disparities, barriers to care, data collection guidelines, considerations for transgender patients, and more.

Access to the training series is free for the first year. To learn more or to register for the series, please visit this website here to make an account and reach out to erin.o’ if you have any issues.